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TFS' Head of School & Principals Book Picks

All day in Student Commons

Mirna Hafez -“Juste un petit bout” by Emile Jadoul

It is a lovely story about sharing and friendship. A shawl for one person becomes enough for four. This enormous shawl will warm both bodies and hearts. The perfect story for our dear little ones at bedtime that we can tell again and again; it can even be for the older kids, as it deals in depth with the idea of solidarity above all else, inclusion, etc. (even the fox is welcome!)

Alexandre Ferrand - "Tristan dans l'ile mystérieuse" by Étienne Poirier

Étienne Poirier has won numerous awards as a writer. In this elegantly written novel he evokes the joy of playing freely in nature exploring the world from a child's perspective. Tristan dans l'ile mystérieuse, is a wonderful novel that makes us realize that treasures are not always found where we imagine them ...

Davy Marques - “L’oeil du loup” by Daniel Pennac

L'oeil du Loup is a tale that takes snow from Alaska to the heat of Africa, a story of friendship and loss, dreams and reality. A symbolic and poetic tale, touching and sad at the same time, told with a lot of tenderness and a touch of humor. Magnificent.

Normand Gaudet - “La memoire des couleurs” by Stephane Michaka

Mauve, a boy of about fifteen, wakes up in a flea market. He lost his memory and does not know how and why he ended up there. Very quickly, he realizes that he can read thoughts. It's the beginning of a journey full of pitfalls to reconstruct his history. While the puzzle is assembled piece by piece, Mauve, beyond his incredible personal odyssey, glimpses the future of humanity ... and the crucial role it will play.

Dr. Josep Gonzalez - "The Leopard" by Giuseppe di Lampedusa (For the adult readers)

Set in the 1860s, The Leopard tells the spellbinding story of a decadent, dying Sicilian aristocracy threatened by the approaching forces of democracy and revolution. The dramatic sweep and richness of observation, the seamless intertwining of public and private worlds, and the grasp of human frailty imbue The Leopard with its particular melancholy beauty and power, and place it among the greatest historical novels of our time.

Dr. Josep Gonzalez - "L'enfant de Noé" by Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt (For students in level IV & V )

In 1942 in Brussels, Joseph Bernstein, 7, is the only son of a Jewish family threatened with deportation by the Nazis. For its protection, it is entrusted to the Countess of Sully then to Father Pons, a little country priest, a "good" who, with the help of villagers, saves Jewish children by hiding their identity and more particularly with the help Miss Marcelle, a pharmacist who makes false papers to children whose father Pons takes care of. With him and young Rudy, little Joseph will discover friendship, but also and above all the value of a culture to be transmitted, because Father Pons is not content with saving lives; like Noah, he also tries to preserve their diversity by collecting objects belonging to a culture or a people threatened with destruction.